4 Steps To Success

“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.” ― Samuel Taylor Coleridge
First Step

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis are the first major steps in creating an effective and efficient online marketing strategy.  Once you have decided to work with T Coast Studios we will begin what we describe as the “Discovery” phase.  This phase is crucial in identifying your wants, needs and must haves.  We take the time to look at your target demographic, past marketing attempts and success rates.  We will craft a custom strategy based on our research and analysis and present our recommendations. Upon your approval, we will then move to the next phase of our process.

Second Step

Concept & Sketch

Now that we have completed the “Discovery” phase, the Concept & Sketch phase is where T Coast Studios has the opportunity to present to you what your marketing strategy will look like.  This phase will provide you with visual concepts as well as strategies that we recommend to accomplish your overall marketing goals.  This phase of the process is very involved as it will generally dictate the look and feel and the marketing approach of your marketing efforts moving forward.

Third Step

Design & Brand

We have now established your marketing needs and identified the approach.  During the Design & Brand phase of the process we will solidify the design and brand message behind your marketing campaign.

Fourth Step

Market & Advertise

In this phase of the process we will begin the Marketing and Advertising.  You will be provided with the marketing strategy and execution time frame.  Our team will continuously monitor and adjust our marketing efforts to ensure accomplishing our identified goals.